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Below are links to web sites that may help you with your real estate buying or selling experience on the Manitoulin.


(In addition there are links to some local services. Inclusion of these links does not imply a personal endorsement.

Some links may appear because they have reciprocated with including my website in their list of links.

I am quite interested in reciprocating with other local service providers as well.)





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Building Permits


The process to build on the Manitoulin is similar to other parts of Ontario. Links to the municipalities are provided below, each having their related by-laws.


On the west end of the Island there are 2 unorganized townships. Below are details on the process there.



Building Permits - Unorganized Townships


See article in Cottage Life, June 12th 2017.


On the Manitoulin there are 2 planning boards. For our unorganized townships the governing board is the Manitoulin Planning Board.





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Ferry from the Bruce Peninsula to Manitoulin Island

MS Chi-Cheemaun Schedule 



Island Services


Water Quality Testing for Sellers & Buyers, Wahl Water 



Manitoulin & Area History


by Shelley Pearen


Manitoulin in 1867

Manitoulin in 1867: Town of Little Current

Manitoulin's Anishinaabe Residents

Surveying Manitoulin's Tehkummah, Allan, Campbell & Carnarvon Townsips

Surveying Manitoulin's Sandfield & Gordon Townships

Champlain's Contact with First Nations in Georgian Bay - 400 yrs ago




Manitoulin Planning Board


Link to website




282-4159  Lonny's Moving


Municipalities (east to west)


859-3122  Wiwemikong Band

368-3500  Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (Little Current)

368-2781  Sheguiandah First Nation

859-3196  Township of Assiginack (Manitowaning)

368-2228  Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation

377-5726  Central Manitoulin (Mindemoya)

377-5362  M'Chigeeng First Nation

282-2611  Municipality of Billings (Kagawong)

282-2702  Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island

282-2420  Town of Gore Bay

282-0624  Township of Burpee Mills

Township of Robinson (unorganized)

Township of Dawson (unorganized) 



Places to Eat


Buoys Eatery

See also Manitoulin Dining on



Real Estate Lawyers (east to west)


705 968-1212  Samantha Ramage (Little Current)  to email, select this link

705 377-4533  Janelle Proulx, (Mindemoya)  to website, select this link

705 377-4663  Michael Semeniuk (Mindemoya) to website, select this link

705 282-3241  Brad Allison, (Kagawong) to email, select this link

249 497-1010  MLA Law (Gore Bay) to email, select this link

705 282-2710 Santoro Law (Gore Bay) to email, select this link



Reference Material (for buying and selling)


Asbestos - CREA Publication

  • [link temporarily not available]


Blue-Green Algae


Farm Properties

  • Minimum Distance Separation Formulae
  • The Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Formulae is a land use planning tool that determines a recommended separation distance between a livestock barn or manure storage and another land use. The objective of MDS is to prevent land use conflicts and minimize nuisance complaints from odour.


Home Inspections


Insurability of Property with Structures

Local red flags can be;

  • Oil Heating
    • What is important to note is that insurance companies are now demanding higher standards than those outlined with  TSSA. Refer to this article for more details on this and some information on oil heating versus other options.
  • Wood Heating (WETT Inspection)


Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program


For landowners who own more than 4 hectares of forest land.


Land Transfer Tax


Marine (Shoreline) Allowance

  • Most waterfront property on the Manitoulin Island has a 66" Marine (or Shoreline) Allowance that starts from what was deemed to be the high water mark when the first survey was conducted in that area. (Sometimes referred to as the 100 year high water mark.)
  • I have PDF file available at your request with more information on this topic.


Mortgage Insurance

  • Mortgage Insurance allows buyers to borrow from a lending institution with less than 20% of the purchase price down. This insurance protects the lender. There of course is a cost to the buyer for this protection.
  • Providers of Mortgage Insurance in Canada.


Offer Wording 

Represents and Warrants Clause

  • The Doctrine of Merger. Refer to this link for an explanation of the ".. this warranty shall not merge, but shall survice ..." phrase. 


Radiant (Elecrtic) Ceiling Heat 

  • In the 70's it wasn't uncommon for new homes in Ontario to have Electric (Radiant) Heating systems installed in the ceilings of various rooms.
  • To date I have been unable to find good online articles explaining the history, typical installation, and the potential problems.
  • It is my understanding some installations and technologies were perfectly fine and operate well today, while others were not.
  • Therefore when considering a home with this type of heating source I would suggest that it be inpsected by a licensed electrician, and you may also want to confirm insurability. 


Radon Gas 


Road Access Act 

  • In 1990 this act was introduced in the Provice of Ontario intended to protect access t0 land locked properties. 
  • Simple explanation and some insight in to why this protection is not an absoulte.
  • The Act.


Septic Systems

Types or Classes of Septic Systems


Sudbury & District Health Unit

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

Copy of Record Request (Use Permit)

Ontario Onsite Waste Water Association

YouTube Video on a Class 4 Systems (by OMAFRA)


Tannins in Groundwater (Humic Substances)

There are some locations on the Manitoulin where this can be found in the ground source water.


Title Insurance 

 This link is to a good article that appeared in the Toronto Star.


VermiculiteCREA Publication


Water Quality

  • The areas serviced on the Manitoulin with municipaly run water systems are limited. As a result the source of  water for many Island properties is the lake or a form of a well.
  • Therefore understanding the quality of your water source should be an important consideration. This is not only for health reasons, but some impurities can damage plumbing and equipment.
  • Also mortgage lenders often require confirmation that the E-Coli and Coliform counts are acceptable for the drinking water. 
    • Local health units in Ontario offer a service to process samples for the above at no charge to the public.
    • On the Manitoulin, samples are to be dropped off at the local Sudbury & District Health Unit office in Mindemoya at 6163 Highway 542
    • NOTE: Samples have to be dropped off no later than 10:00am Thursday morning to get to the lab before the weekend.
    • For more thorough Water Quality Testing you may also want to contact this local service, Wahl Water
  • See Item #2 on this Link - Public Health Ontario 
  • NOTE: For current or future owners and operators of small drinking water systems, refer to this Link. Applicable would a lodge or resort with treated water servicing cabins. 


Wells (ground source water)

Well Types

Well Owners (MOE)

Water Quality - refer to the section above


WETT Inspection Report

Insurers now require a 3rd party report from a WETT certified inspector approving the wood burning systen in order to provide coverage. 


It is important to know that there are different levels of inspection. See below for the details and the scope of each.

WETT Inspection Levels


Work Permits (Water Lines and Shoreline Work)

This link is to a reference document prepared by NEMI.





See also Selling Property on Manitoulin page.



Well Drillers (Licensed)


377- 5384  Ted Wright Well Drilling


377-5335  O. Bond and Sons


Provincial Directory